NVRID Interpreter Testing Scholarships

NVRID Interpreter Testing Scholarships are open to NVRID Associate and Student members who do not currently hold any certification or credential.* The scholarships are designed to assist those members by paying their testing fees for the NIC, CDI, BEI, or EIPA written examination or performance test. Scholarships are available to be awarded to one (1) hearing Northern Nevada member & one (1) Deaf Northern Nevada member AND to one (1) hearing Southern Nevada member & one (1) Deaf Southern Nevada member each fiscal year.** Northern Nevada is defined as residing in Nevada, but outside of Clark County. Southern Nevada is defined as residing in Nevada, within Clark County. Out-of-state members who practice in Nevada are not eligible.

To apply, Applicants must:

  1. Be an Associate or Student member of both NVRID & RID.

  2. Be one of the following:

    • registered with the State of Nevada as a Community and/or Educational Interpreter
    • a student enrolled in an Interpreter Preparation/Training Program
    • currently working as an Educational Interpreter or Signing Aide for a school district in the state of Nevada
    • a Deaf applicant with a minimum 20 hours/2.0 CEUs of RID approved workshops related to interpreting.
  3. Submit a resumé or short curriculum vitae.

  4. Provide documented pro bono interpreting work and/or volunteer service in the interpreting, Deaf, and/or Hard-of-Hearing communities.

  5. Submit a short essay or video indicating their interpreting aspirations and how they plan to support the interpreting, Deaf, and Hard-of-Hearing communities.

  6. Provide a letter of recommendation from a Deaf consumer, mentor, or fellow NVRID member. Video submissions are accepted.

Previous scholarship recipients are invited to reapply however, they are only eligible to have one (1) scholarship applied to a written examination and one (1) scholarship applied to a performance test.

The deadline to apply is April 15th, with the Northern Nevada & Southern Nevada Awardees being announced at the annual NVRID Business Meeting. Awardees must utilize their scholarship by June 30th of the following year.

If you have any questions, please email scholarships@nvrid.org and good luck!!

* "Certified" refers to holding any RID recognized certification. "Credentialed" refers to BEI Advanced or above and/or EIPA score 4.0 or above.

** At the May 2021 NVRID Board Meeting, the Board voted that, when NVRID fails to have an applicant from each geographical area, and there are multiple applicants from the same region, the Scholarship Committee may elect to award two (2) scholarships to applicants from the same geographical area. 


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