Welcome to NVRID

Welcome to the website of the Nevada Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NVRID). NVRID is an affiliate chapter of the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). NVRID follows the mission of RID on a state level.


NVRID’s annual membership cycle is July 1st – June 30th. (NVRID’s “grace period” allows a 2-month-period for renewing before losing benefits. Member benefits are only extended until August 31st.)


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Membership in RID and local affiliate chapter, NVRID, is required for the following privileges:

  • Voting
  • Running for office
  • and Retaining officer status

NVRID officers serve 2-year terms and elections are held every even-numbered-year.
Members who wish to vote or run for office must have dual membership prior to election day.


Multiple Year Registrations

For the convenience of some of our members, we allow membership dues to be paid in increments of one to five years (multiply the category amount by the number of years you wish to pay for and fill out the appropriate years on the top of the form before signing and mailing it). Because the NVRID board has elections every two years, I recommend you do not pay beyond the current boards’ term. If you are certified, you may forfeit the amount paid if you fail to keep up your RID certification through said years. As always, you are responsible for knowing when your membership expires, check your membership card for the expiration year. If you believe it is in error, review your receipt and contact nvridsec@gmail.com immediately.


Free Membership?

Any member passing an RID approved certification test (e.g. NIC-any level, K-12, SC:L) receives, upon proof of new certification, one FREE membership (for each test-to-certification). For more information, e-mail nvridsec@gmail.com.